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Inside the Expedition

Captain’s Logs

When you’re in the midst of an expedition in the remote reaches of the Pacific, you never know what each day, or even each hour, might bring.  The DEEPSEA CHALLENGE team is subject to the whims of the weather in the open ocean; rough, stormy seas can make it impossible to get the sub in the water, let alone pull off a dive.  The team is also charged with maintaining a completely one-of-a-kind craft that must safely transport James Cameron to and from the ocean’s deepest point.  Everything—from the pilot sphere to the batteries—must be constantly checked, especially after each test dive.

Every day, Captain Stuart Buckle logs the conditions and activities onboard the expedition ship, the Mermaid Sapphire.  Follow along by reading his reports, which document everything from the wind speed to the precise time that thrusters power up.


Daily Marine Report 3.19.12

Daily Marine Report 3.20.12

Daily Marine Report 3.21.12

Daily Marine Report 3.22.12

Daily Marine Report 3.23.12

Daily Marine Report 3.24.12

Daily Marine Report 3.25.12

Daily Marine Report 3.26.12

Daily Marine Report 3.27.12

Daily Marine Report 3.31.12

Daily Marine Report 4.2.12

Daily Marine Report 4.3.12

Daily Marine Report 4.4.12

Science Partners

  • Additional major support provided by The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • University of Guam